Twelve Best Ways to Make Your Employees Hate You: #10

10.  Check up on them all the time.  It is a proven fact that employees cannot be trusted.  They need strict rules and regulations and very close monitoring.  Without that, they just take over the place and start slacking off by coming in late, playing hooky, pilfering the company supplies, and doing shoddy work.  As the boss, you really have to keep a close watch. After all, isn’t what that entire “management by walking around” theory that was so popular in the 80s was all about?  How will employees know they are being watched if they don’t see you doing it?  Of course, with the advances in technology you have a lot more options.  You can install video cameras in the supply room to guard the company supply of paper clips, data trackers on computers to see exactly who is checking their personal email at work, and even security cameras at doorways to help you know if people are sneaking out early.  It is sad that you can’t trust your employees but you understand that that is just the way things are.

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