Twelve Best Ways to Make Your Employees Hate You: #9

9.  Lie if you have to.  When you are the boss you soon find out that the truth is totally overrated.  After all, if all your employees know everything, they will have an opinion about everything.  If you want their opinion you will give it to them.   After all, they are not there to think, just to do their job.   For example, if your employees know exactly how much money you have in your training budget, they will want to weigh in on how it should be spent.  That is your decision.  It is much easier just to say there is no money to do things, and then pretend to find some when you see something you really want.  Lying also works as a great motivator.  When you promise pay raises to employees if they do a good job, you definitely see their performance improve.  That can go on for many months or even years.  Then, when you finally have to tell them that there is no money in the budget for pay raises, they can’t really blame you, can they?  After all, things are tough everywhere.   In the meantime, you motivated them to do their best which is exactly what a boss is supposed to do.

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