Twelve Best Ways to Make Your Employees Hate You: #7

7.  Develop staff by giving nebulous instructions and multiple changes of direction.   Employees need to be kept on their toes and nothing does that like giving directions that can be interpreted several ways so you can sit back and see what they do with them.   That is a fine way to distinguish the good players from the mediocre ones.   Nebulous directions enables employees to use their creativity and deductive reasoning to try to figure out what you want them to do.  This is a great skill-building exercise.  And, for those who fail to figure out the assignment correctly, you have the added bonus of a public reprimand.  Multiple changes of direction are also great for keeping employees in active pursuit of success.  Just when they think they can rest on their laurels and pat themselves on the back for a job well done, you can change directions on where you want to go and have them start all over.  Some might grumble but those are the ones who don’t understand how much your constant change in direction is teaching them.    After all, work is supposed to be hard.  That’s why they call it work.

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