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12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 10

10. You are dependable.  Your boss needs to know she can count on you. Before you start nodding your head and telling yourself that you are the epitome of dependability, as yourself these questions:

  • Barring legitimate excuses, do you show up for work every day on time and with a positive attitude and open mind?
  • If your boss gives you an assignment to do, does he know it will get done the way he wants it done and in the timeframe he needs it done?
  • Does your boss trust you enough to just let you do your job knowing that if you run into problems you will either resolve them appropriately or ask for guidance? 
  • Does your boss trust you to tell him the truth regardless of how hard that might be for either one of you?    

12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 9

9.  You are organized.  If being organized doesn’t come easy to you, make a promise to work on this.  Not only will it make your own life easier, but it will make your boss’s life easier as well.  Some bosses are not particularly organized and depend on their employees to keep all the files, memos, documents and assorted other details organized for them.  If your boss is one of those, she will love knowing that you have her back and she can depend on you to keep things straight when she needs you to.   This can really work to your advantage when attending meetings with your boss and she doesn’t have the document she needs in her own folder but you can just quietly whip it out of yours and hand it to her.  Staying organized takes work but once you get your system down, the maintenance is easy.

12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 8

8.  You are proactive.  Bosses really love employees who don’t wait to be asked, told, or assigned every little thing that needs to be done around the office.  Being proactive means looking around and seeing what needs to be done and volunteering to do it.  It means looking around and seeing what could be improved and offering sound reasonable ideas for improvement.  It means keeping your eyes and ears open, sharing what you learn, and being constantly focused on the organization and your team.  Being proactive is not self-serving.  It is not based on what will make you look good as an employee, but rather, what will make your boss and your organization look good.  And, in most organizations, looking good, means serving clients and providing great services while maintaining sound business practices.