Twelve Best Ways to Make Your Employees Hate You: #3

3.  Why lead when you can bully?  Frankly, bullies have gotten a bad name recently and it is sad.   Bullies, with their decisive nature and iron fist, can be very effective bosses.  They can be great at getting a job done since no one wants to cross them.  As a boss, you don’t have time to entertain employees who want to argue or give you an opinion that you neither welcome nor asked for.  That takes way too much time.  After all, if they wanted democracy, they should be politicians rather than employees.    Once again, all the theories about leadership and getting people to do what you need them to do and be happy about it, is just theory.  Who cares if they are happy as long as they get the job done?   You aren’t their therapist, you are their boss.   Frequent temper tantrums will help you reinforce this.

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