12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 11

  1. You can see and understand “the big picture”.  Good bosses are always focused on “the big picture”, meaning the context in which every decision must be made and its impact on the organization’s mission.  Being a boss is tough and having to stop every few minutes to explain, re-explain, and even re-explain context and circumstances to employees whose only vision is what is currently in front of them can get so tiresome.   Understanding the big picture means learning who does what in your organization, the relationship and connections between the organization’s various components, and where you and your team fits in.  It also means knowing specifically who your organization’s stakeholders and customers are, and who is impacted either directly or indirectly by the work that you and your team does.  Most bosses don’t have time to constantly school you in all this information, but they love it when you take it upon yourself to learn what you can and ask questions about things you need to know.  After all, the better you understand the organization you work for, the more valuable you are to your boss.  

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