12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 7

7.  You are a forward-thinker. Bosses always stand spread-eagled with one leg in the future and one leg in the present.  They have to manage what is going on every minute of every day while trying to prepare for what may or may not come tomorrow.  That is really lonely work.  Their employees are normally focused solely on the job they have in front of them. That is not their fault.  They are busy doing the job they were hired to do, and given today’s business mantra of “doing more with less”, it is no wonder they don’t raise their heads long enough to sniff the air and think about what is good for the company’s future.  However, no matter how busy you are, you can be a forward-thinker and help your boss formulate a vision for the future.  Just constantly challenge yourself to think of ways how your company can excel in three areas:  save money, increase client satisfaction, keep employees happy.  This is a constant balancing act and one that is at the heart of nearly every strategic plan every developed.

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