12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 5

  1. You can think on your feet.  Bosses love an employee who can think quickly.   You know the kind.  These are the ones who have great reflexes and are mentally agile even under the most difficult circumstances.  They are the ones who can get bombarded with rapid-fire questions during a presentation and still stay calm and reason well.  These are the employees the boss can send anywhere and not be afraid of what they are going to do or say.  These employees are constantly alert and never stutter and stammer in the face of stressful conditions.  They are able to say they don’t know something without sounding like they don’t know anything.  They can deflect the unpleasant without being unpleasant.   And, they can improvise without sounding like they are making things up.  Thinking on your feet is a skill that can be learned.  If you want to get better at thinking on your feet, you have to be constantly observing, learning, and assessing.  In other words, prepare for the unexpected.         

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