12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 4

4.  You keep your personal biases under control.   You know you have biases.  Nobody escapes without them.  But, it’s one thing to have them, it’s another thing to base your decisions on them, or even worse, try to force your boss to base his decisions on them just to keep you happy.  Letting your biases get in your way prevents you from creating innovative ways of doing things.  That can leave you closed off to new experiences and can create headaches for your boss.   Biases at work often relate to people you don’t like to work with, things you don’t like to do, and places you don’t like to go.  By not keeping your biases under control you create a situation where your boss either has to try to work around them or confront you on them.  That’s ugly either way.  What boss wants to try to assign workload based on an employee’s biases, or try to cajole an employee into doing something he doesn’t want to do?   If you want your boss to think you’re great, be willing to do whatever is needed and leave the negative feelings about it at home.

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