12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 3

3.  You get along with people.  God only knows bosses have enough problems to deal with, and employees who can’t get along with colleagues drive them nuts.   Employees who scrap constantly, backstab at every opportunity, and just plain whine about each other are a huge drain on the boss’s time and focus.  At a time when everyone needs to be focused on the work at hand and the organization’s mission, no boss wants to stop the presses and deal with why Ed and Joe are constantly at each other’s throats.   On the other hand, bosses love employees who basically take people as they find them, hunker down and focus on the work, and try to find at least something worthwhile about each of their colleagues.  I know this is not easy.  I know at sometime in your career you will find yourself working with someone you do not even want to share the same air with, but the truth is, your boss doesn’t really care and doesn’t need the headache.  Be that employee every boss wants, the one that can work with just about anyone.     

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