12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 2

2.  You can keep a secret.  If you are lucky enough to work for a boss who likes you, you might find yourself in a situation where the boss tells you something in confidence.  This could be anything from a company secret, to her plans to leave, to her plans to fire one of your colleagues.   Or, your boss might even tell you something personal like the fact that her husband is an alcoholic or her 14-year-old daughter is pregnant.  Bosses are just human and unfortunately, they do not always think before spilling something to an employee that is better left unspilled.  Whether the boss intentionally told you a secret or just let it slip out during one of your discussions, you still only have one option.  Keep the information to yourself.   As exciting as it might be to be in on something your colleagues don’t have a clue about, confiding in even one person can really sink your ship. Your boss will hate you and never trust you again.  So before you give into temptation and just tell one person that secret, ask yourself if you really want to find yourself called into the boss’s office to defend your indiscretion?

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