12 Things Bosses Want Most: Number 1

  1. You see opportunity everywhere.  Every new assignment, every new situation, and every new problem presents an opportunity to think critically, resolve creatively and create a history of accomplishments.  That doesn’t mean you come into work every day panting like a Labrador Retriever and jumping up and down while squealing, “You want me to do anything, boss?  How can I help you, boss?  I love working, boss!”  It might simply mean volunteering to take on assignments that may not be strictly within your job scope but will teach you something and help your boss at the same time.  Or, it might mean taking a critical look at processes and procedures to see where there is room for improvement and presenting your ideas to your boss.   It might even mean taking on an assignment that no one else really wants but you know you can do in your sleep without interrupting your dreams.  By seeing things as opportunities rather than problems, you can fine tune your problem resolution skills to the point where the boss might eventually come to you for advice rather than the reverse.  What boss wouldn’t love that?  

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