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Without further ado, the first post:

When was the last time you wanted to impress your boss?  This morning? Last week?  When you first got your job?   If you are like most people, you spend a substantial amount of time every day trying to impress your boss.  You may not even think about it much, but every time you do what you are asked to do, every time you do it when are asked to do it, and every time you do it how you were asked to do it, you are hoping to impress your boss.  You may think that you are just doing your job or, at a minimum, just trying to stay out of trouble, but admit it, deep down, don’t you really want your boss to look heavenward every day and give thanks that he was smart enough to hire you?

And for the cynics in the world, and you know who you are, you may think you couldn’t care less about impressing your boss.  You may be thinking, “Hey, I do my job, I get paid, and I go home.  That’s it.”  But the fact is, that’s not it.  Your boss has the capability of influencing your career in so many ways.  Hope to get a pay raise?  Hope to get a promotion?  Hope to even get a better job somewhere else?  Your boss can make the difference between getting any of those things or not.  And, on a really basic level, your boss can make the difference between having a good day at work and being miserable.  Impressing the boss is really important but it’s not really hard because, the fact is, most bosses are just not that complicated.

Tomorrow, the first of the twelve things bosses want most.

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